Promote your Event Registration through Email Marketing

April 28, 2010 - 2 minutes read

Effective marketing is crucial to the success of an event.  But how an event director chooses to utilize marketing can differ depending on budget and time.  Email marketing is an effective solution to both these problems.

But using email marketing to your advantage is a strategic job. Proper email etiquette is important when learning how to use email marketing to your benefit from the beginning.  Here are some important tips:

  1. When your event is ready to start taking online registrations for the new year, make sure to send a simple message to last year’s participants to let them know!  Keep it simple, let them know the new event is now online, link them to the online registration form and ask them to forward the information on to their friends who might like to register too!
  2. Immediately after signing up for your event, be sure to send them a personal message “from the Race Director” thanking them for registering so they feel their participation in the event is valued.  This is often an automated option you can find within your online event registration software.
  3. Communication should only happen when you need to relay information about the event to your participant.  If you continuously send information that isn’t relevant to your customer, they’ll start to ignore your messages and potentially miss important infomation.  And that results in unhappy participants.
  4. Understanding your target market is vital to creating good communication between you and your customer.  If you run multiple events, make sure that you know who your customers are in terms of which event they have signed up for.  This will ensure that you are communicating relevant content. You should be sure to only send the type of content to registrants that you feel would benefit by it.
  5. If you have a logo, use it! Be sure to always use your logo in emails that you send to your registrants.  This will add to your professionalism and will help bring you brand recognition.

What other ways have you found to best utilize email marketing for your event?