Early Bird Pricing for Your Online Event Registration

July 10, 2010 - 3 minutes read

Have you ever planned an event where attendance was not what you expected or you have a huge rush when everyone registers on thr day of the event?  We’re eliminating that inconvenience by offering some Early Bird advice to use when setting up your online event registration.  Why? Simply because we like you.

EarlyBirdPricing1As an Event Director, you want to know how many people are attending your event.  It affects the amount of food you order, your logistics, volunteers and often your stress level!  So the sooner you know how many people are coming, the better.  Fortunately there are many early birds; however, there are also lost birds and late birds!  And it’s your job to deal with all those birds.

Many of our ZapEvent clients already utilize this concept.  For example,  The Green County Humane Society (A No Kill Shelter) is holding their 9th Annual Pedal for Paws event on July 10, 2010.  Their registration fee for individuals before July 1 is $25 and after July 1 is $35.  This rate incentivizes people to commit to the event in order to save a few $$ and allows coordinators a little over a week to prepare.

We highly recommend you create incentives to motivate attendees to register early.  Here are some of our thoughts.

Early Bird Incentives:

  1. No lines. Simply remind people that by registering early, they will save time the day of the race.  Side note: Did you know that the average American spends approximately 3 years of his or her life waiting in lines? Yikes!
  2. Less $.  If there is a financial benefit to registering early, they save more money.
  3. Freebies. Perhaps you want to look at your budget and consider offering lower costs or freebies on t-shirts or other merchandise the day of the event for those who register early.
  4. Limited space. If your event really does have limited space, let people know. While this may sound like a cheap tactic, if it is true, let it be known!
  5. Coupons. Is there a local venue that you are partnering with?  Perhaps you could offer some coupons for free stuff if people register early.  People love free stuff.

When people complete their online event registration early and are committed to an event, chances are they will tell others what they are going to do, thereby increasing word-of-mouth about your event.  So go be your awesome self and set up some incentives!

Creating an Incentive Plan:

1. What types of people are typically attracted to my events?
2. What are motivation factors for those people?
3. What is a list of possible incentives?
4. Which incentive is the most cost efficient and effective?
5. What is my plan to implement my incentive?

Photo courtesy of Fusible.com

What have you learned from using or NOT using early bird pricing for your event?