Why Get a Custom Logo Design for My Event?

July 29, 2010 - 3 minutes read

We want your event to be successful! Read up if you want to learn about why to have a custom logo design completed for your event, view some examples of effective logo designs and discover some areas to place your logo.

WWFRecognize this panda? The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) chose a panda for a logo for several reasons. First, the WWF was inspired by Chi-Chi, a giant panda at the London Zoo back in 1961. Members figured that pandas are universally loved and recognized, so designing a panda logo universalized the WWF’s cause. In addition, the logo was black and white, so it saved the WWF printing costs.

So, maybe you don’t have a panda. Bummer, right? Consider your event (or cause) just like WWF did, and let it help you design an  effective custom logo for your event.

Why have a custom logo design?
A logo creates brand recognition. It is important for people to recognize your brand, organization or event. In the same way that millions of people react when they see a McDonald’s sign, you want people to reach and choose your event, brand or organization. A logo represents your event.

The following are logos from cycling events on ZapEvent. What does each logo say about the event?

levis_trow_100The Levis Trow is a Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series Event.  Notice the wording (“epic”), the lettering (how it crumbles) and the layering (makes it look like you are biking up a mountain).




Pitch Black Singletrack is another Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series event. Events begin at 8 pm and go through the night.  What does this logo suggest about the intensity of the event?



chocolatechaseAll the proceeds of Chocolate Chase benefit TEAMSurvivor Madison. Consider how this event incorporates cancer awareness, the non-profit organization TEAMSurvivor Madison, and cycling event in one logo!




Where should I put my logo?
Logos should be placed in any communication that you have with event participants. Here’s some places to consider:

  1. Event Website
  2. E-mails
  3. Facebook page
  4. Newsletters
  5. ZapEvent registration page

ZapEvent now offers some great new premium features which includes helping you create an awesome logo for your event!