Introducing…Zap Apps. Affordable, Custom Smartphone Applications

August 9, 2010 - 3 minutes read

It seems like there is a smartphone app for everything these days. It takes time and money to develop these applications and for most organizations, it’s simply not in the budget. Well, that thinking is now in the past.  ZapEvent has teamed up with MobileOn Services to provide our clients with an elegant and affordable smartphone application platform.

Are you kidding me? Nope. For as little as $200, the ZapEvent team will create a smartphone application that works with BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and mobile web. We can also submit your app to the Apple App Store for an additional fee. We’ll work with you to lay out the information in a way that works best for you and your customers.

 Why would an event director need a smartphone app? Many folks these days expect to be able to do anything with their mobile devices, including getting updates on the events they are involved in. With a smartphone app, you can push the latest news, information, and updates about your upcoming event or happening. Think of it as a direct conduit to your target market. This is an extension of your brand and you can provide those most interested with the information that you want them to have. Providing an app your your customers is also a great way of extending your sponsorship opportunities.

A great sponsorship opportunity! You already have sponsors taking care of other aspects of your events so why not have one pay for the right to have their logo and information about right on the app itself? Your customers will appreciate the service you are providing and your sponsors will love you giving them a great place to advertise.

Choose from an array of options
Our applications are based on a variety of page types. Pick up to nine pages and provide information, images, feeds, and maps that are most relevant to your promotion. Page types include but are not limited to:

About Us
Contact Info
Contact Us
Daily Schedule
RSS Feed
Race Results
Social Media
Twitter Feed

What does it look like? Each mobile platform will display your information differently. Here is an example of an app available for the iPhone.


To view live demos, click on your mobile device below, based on your model:


BlackBerry 4.7+

BlackBerry 4.5-4.6

BlackBerry 4.2-4.4

Windows Mobile


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