YouTube for Online Event Marketing

August 9, 2010 - 3 minutes read

Ever heard of the phrase “Charlie bit my finga!”, watched the “Evolution of Dance“? or watched the “Babies Bobbing to Single Ladies“?

YouTube is a fabulous marketing tool.  If you hit it right, YouTube will advertise like crazy for you.  People will post your video on their friends’ Facebook walls, they’ll watch it at parties and they’ll quote it at work.

Perhaps it’s time to consider investing some time in creating a YouTube video as part of your social media event marketing.


Unrelated content can do amazing things. If you have a great idea for a video, but it is unrelated to your event, that’s ok.  Ever seen the Herding Cats video?  This is a perfect example.  You may never have heard about before, but now you laugh and talk to your friends “Did you see that crazy herding cats commercial??”  It worked…you now are talking about their company over and over again by mentioning their video and getting others to watch too.  And at the end of the video, there is a direct plug to visit their website.  The biggest problem with unrelated content is that you are at the risk of a) looking stupid or b) attracting the wrong audience entirely.  Make sure there is some understandable tie to your event.

Testimonials are powerful. If you want to convince people of the marvelousness of your event, let others do it for you. It’s more powerful.  You can get testimonials at the event or after the event.  Don’t ask people what they love about your event; let them speak their mind.  Edit later! Ask open-ended questions: “Tell us about your experience!” or “What do you think about tonight?”

Videos of your event speak volumes. At your event, pull people aside and ask if they’d be willing to talk about their experience.  Is it a concert? Catch some sweet background video. Is it a race? Run next to people and film them talking about running tips. Film people having a good time at your event.  While these videos won’t help for pre-event marketing, they will help you advertise for the same event next year or provide proof that your event was a success!

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Have you created a marketing video for your event and posted it to YouTube?