Recap: MDRA Race Director Conference, Event Management

January 11, 2011 - 1 minute read

MDRAThis past weekend was the annual MDRA Race Director’s Conference.   ZapEvent was in attendance for two reasons: 1) to listen to the latest information in the local race event management and 2) two ZapEvent employees (Kris and Mark Kuhn) have recently accepted the responsibility of being assistant race directors for a local 5k/10k race, ALARC Legends.

With about 40 directors in attendance, there were session discussions on:

The sessions concluded with an open Q&A with the presenters.

This was really a great session to attend as a new race director.   The opportunity to learn from other new and seasoned race directors in the community is well worth the registration price (which also included breakfast, the popular MDRA Annual Calendar and many other useful materials.  Oh….let’s not forget the pizza party and Annual Awards ceremony as well!)

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Did you attend this year’s MDRA Race Director Conference?  What’s your feedback about the event?