Top 2011 Resolutions: Simply Losing Weight to Training for a Marathon

January 3, 2011 - 6 minutes read

So today I was forwarded an email containing a link to the Top 10 Resolutions for 2011.  #1 Lose Weight, #10 – Complete a marathon.  These in my mind are the two I hear about the most from friends and family.   But after looking at the entire Top 10 resolution list, I realized you can conquer #1 – #10 by simply committing to any number of fun events/clubs that are likely going on in your area.   Here are my opinions on how to get through the Top 10:

january first

  1. Lose Weight – Commit to eating healthy, staying active and commit to complete an event!  You don’t have to start with a marathon.  How about a local charity 5k run/walk or bike event?  There are any number of events that you can register for that are NOT all about racing and include a “fun run” or “walk” option that raises money for charity.  For example, the Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Event 
  2. Help the Family Lose Weight – See #1 but apply it to the whole family!  Again there are any number of events that are family friendly and just want to encourage you and your kids to get out, have fun and be active.  A great example is the Edina Bike Festival
  3. Get a Job or Better Job – Ok, this one is a little tougher but I still have an angle for ya!  If you love being active, check out your local larger events.  Many of them have paid and/or volunteer jobs that are directly involved with the race event itself!  Twin Cities in Motion
  4. Quit Smoking – A good friend of mine was committed to quit smoking but had a hard time finding an outlet that he could channel to when he wanted to smoke.  Until he found running.  As part of your quit smoking plan, as mentioned on the American Cancer Society Stay Healthy Plan, include ways to get of the couch and put your mind on walking, running, biking, swimming.  Get your mind on another healthy habit and off of sitting around with a cigarette!
  5. Fall in Love – Alright so it’s hard to MAKE this one happen but if you enjoy being active, find others that do too by joining the local run clubs or charity training teams.  I found my husband when we were both signed up to participate and fundraiser for the local Team In Training group 🙂
  6. Enjoy Life – Again, it doesn’t have to be about racing!  Many local businesses and organizations but on any number of events that are just meant to get you out and trying something new.  What better way to enjoy life than to learn to ski and sign up for a Luminary Loppet?  I recommend it!
  7. Get Organized – It’s hard to “fit in” working out or training when you try to do it yourself.  Get your fitness plan on the calendar by committing to a group that meets on a regular basis.  Like the ALARC Core Program.  Organize your week so you commit the group sessions every week.  Once you start going, you’ll make new friends and WANT to make sure you never miss a session with them!
  8. Spend More Time with Family – Refer back to #2, keep the family healthy and have quality time together!
  9. Help Others – Volunteering for a local charity event is a great way to be part of the community and help them raise money and awareness to their cause.  Check out the websites for your local events and they will likely have a page dedicated to Volunteering and Ways you Can Help like this one for the YWCA Women’s Tri.
  10. Run A Marathon – This is often a BIG resolution for someone that wants to start from scratch.  Let me tell you, it’s totally doable!  My advice, schedule yourself to complete a fall marathon and then build up to it.   Participate in smaller events along the way.  Start with a 5K, then a 10K, then a half marathon.  It will build your endurance and build your confidence!  And sign up for a marathon training group.   Their existence is to help you train safely and effectively to complete a marathon AND have fun doing it!  Look for a local program in your area like the Badgerland Striders Club

So there they are, ways you can commit to complete all (or some) of the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions out there.  Start by checking out what events are currently open for registration in your area on ZapEvent.

I’m in!! Are you??