A Growing Winter Trend, Indoor Triathlons

February 4, 2011 - 3 minutes read

At ZapEvent, we are athletes based in Minnesota so we fully understand the need to look for alternative ways to race and train during the bitterness of sub-zero temperatures and snow-covered trails.  But how do multi-sport athletes stay motivated when you can’t swim, bike or run outdoors? You do what you always do…keep signing up for races!  (“Yeah….good luck with that right?”)

No really!  The newest craze for multi-sport athletes is pressing their off-season training forward by competing against the clock during an indoor triathlon.

ARE YOU NEW TO TRIATHLONS? or considering giving them a try this coming summer….the beauty for you in signing up for an indoor triathlon lies in 3 things:

  1. They are indoors!  Most athletes that live in areas where winters are well below freezing enjoy the option to be in a warm, competitive setting.
  2. All ages and abilities can compete together.  The course is confined to the pool, spin room and treadmil/track, so no matter your speed, the other competitors are all around you to keep you company and keep you motivated.
  3. A relaxed environment that allows you to Try a Tri.  There is usually ample time to get from one discipline to another and you don’t need to own all the equipment or understand the chaos that often ensues in a true race environment.  Erases the need to worry about drowning while swimming in the lake!

Many health clubs offer indoor triathlons and ZapEvent onlne regisration client, YWCA of Minneapolis has been very successful with hosting a fall, winter and spring indoor triathlon.  They also make an effort to encourage your friends and family to come cheer you on!  From their website:

Minnesota Indoor TriathlonsFamily and friends can watch you in every part of the race – from the pool deck, bike room and on the track during the run. Signs and cheering are encouraged – we will even have poster-making materials in the Hospitality area. During and after the event, everyone is invited to the Hospitality area for light snacks, and demos of AIS stretching, massage and more!


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