Charity Run Event: COME UNITY 6k Making a Difference

February 14, 2011 - 4 minutes read

In 2010, COME UNITY setup their 1st annual 6K Run/Walk on ZapEvent.  Being runners ourselves, we couldn’t help but notice the very unique distance to their event.  Charity run events across the US have proven to be a fun, family-friendly way to support a cause and raise awareness for local charities in need but this one makes its impact around the globe in Kenya.

charity run eventCOME UNITY’s Director and professional ballerina, Kristin Scott, traveled to Kenya in 2007, and returned ready to continue giving.  She has led the charge in fundraising, and COME UNITY has raised funds by putting on fundraisers that inspire our donors to get involved with the cause.  Since 2007, COME UNITY has raised nearly $60,000 for communities in East Africa and continues to work to give aid in ways that empower and enable third world communities to provide for themselves and not by creating dependency on what we give.

What are your current projects?  
“Currently, we are seeking new trusted communities to partner with overseas.” says director Kristin Scott.“We aim to provide for basic needs, such as food and water.  We have a Child Sponsorship Program to ensure children are in school, and we also aim to provide sustainability and generate income for the communities we partner with, so we are not creating dependency on our aid but empowering our friends to provide for themselves!  To date, we have funded five clean water inititatives in Africa and India and sponsor 15 girls in Southern Kenya.”
6k charity run event
Why are your fundraising races 6k in distance?  
“The women of Africa walk an average of 6k each day to fetch water. COME UNITY is committed to changing the fact that 1 in 6 people in our world lack access to clean safe drinking water.  And by choosing to go 6k this day, we are honoring those women and children that don’t have a choice but to walk 6k for a simple drink of water.”

How else can people help?
“For $1.40 a day we are funding girls that are now going to school.  Girls don’t always get the chance to go to school.  They are often married early, committed to a life of raising a family and serving a husband who is often decades older, has many wives and/or sees no value in education.  Girls that stay in school make wiser decisions, have fewer healthier children, marry later– which are all huge and impactful facts about the girls we sponsor.  We provide an income generating solution, for example purchasing cattle, for the families in our sponsorship program so that after a finite time of sponsorship, the communities are empowered to provide for their daughters themselves.  By providing school fees for these young girls to be educated, you can be part of changing not only her life, but an entire community.”

Congrats to COME UNITY for launching their second 6k charity run event this year!

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