Winter Triathlon Training – The Perfect Time to Mix It Up!

February 22, 2011 - 3 minutes read

winter_bikesUnfortunately many parts of the US have recently been hit by major winter snowfall and for many triathletes that means taking your winter triathlon training indoors.  Blah, right?  If you haven’t quite found your way to push through indoor boredom, the ZapEvent team has put together their favorite training plan substitutes to being out on the trails:

1) Spinverals
If you are looking for a great set of indoor bike training DVDs that will help push you to your limits,Spinvervals by Coach Troy Jacobson is what you need.  A favorite among most seasoned triathletes, all you need is your bike, a bike trainer and plenty of water.  These workouts will motivate you and advance your training from beginner to elite.

2) Mixed Combat Arts classes
Winter is also the time to try something new and mix up your routine!  See if your gym offers any Mixed Combat Art classes, as Life Time Fitness does at a number of their locations.  Reap the cardio and strength benefits of learning boxing, kickboxing, or even jiu-jitsu.

3) Random recording of cable tv workouts 
One of my favorite things to do in winter when I’m sitting in front of the TV is scan through the fitness shows and pick out ones to record that look like they may be fun to try on a day where I’m stuck in the house.  There are a number of aerobic and strength training shows available, usually in 30 min or hour long sessions. lists some of the more popular workout TV programs

4) Snowshoeing
It may just been seen to some people as “walking on snow” but trust me, this will give your legs a great workout and get you out to explore the winter scenery!

5) Sign up for an Indoor Triathlon
As we stated in a recent blog post, indoor triathlons have been booming in popularity for both new triathletes to give the sport a try in a fun, more relaxed environment and for seasoned triathletes to test their skills in a controlled environment.

6) Sign up for a Winter Triathlon!
(say what?!?)  Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make you find a thicker wetsuit for this one! As defined on USA Triathlon, winter triathlon involves running, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing – all performed on snow.  These disciplines take a considerable amount of effort that forces your body to utilize different muscle sets to get you over your typical plateaus.  I’d highly recommend completing a winter triathlon as it offers a very unique experience for traditional triathletes. (And usually additional brag swag 🙂

Photo Courtesy of illie72 on Flickr

What are your favorite indoor training activities?

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