An Online Fitness Journal for Clubs and Teams

April 19, 2011 - 2 minutes read

As a coach for a high school team or an adult fitness team/group, maintaining your athlete’s fitness logs can be a bit of a time-consuming process.  But what if there was a better way to maintain an online fitness log for all of your athletes? eTRaXC online fitness journal

From eTRaXC owner, Bob Schneider: “eTRaXC, originally CCLog, started out as a utility for one high school coach to use to help his athletes record their summer running.   It has evolved, and is continuing to evolve, into a full-bodied fitness team manager.  It is beginning to include more nordic skiing-friendly features, and more features that are geared towards multi-sport events and fitness/health club teams and members.  eTRaXC responds to the requests of its users.  It encourages users to say, ‘Is there any way we could get it to do this?…’  Many of the features that it currently has are a result of that wiki-type input.  Examples of things that might be needed to be redone in the future is the addition of bike, swim, and nordic ski-specific results portals (rather than just cc, t&f, and road results) and a re-vamping of the training portal to not be so “running”-based but where all training types carry a similar importance.  This could be an effective way for a non-school coach to manage a team of participants who are not together frequently in their training and other interactions.  It could build unity and open lines of communication that are currently only open through disjointed third-party utilities (email groups, etc).

The thing that makes eTRaXC different than almost all other utilities on the web (many of which are free) is that it is coach-directed.  While it is capable of managing individual subscriptions, there is a $10 fee for that and it is not really designed for that.” 

“There is no other team-based utility out there that does what eTRaXC does from a team-management standpoint for running and fitness teams.”

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