A 15k/5k charity event to support the Mission of Family Pathways

August 15, 2011 - 7 minutes read

As one of ZapEvent’s long-standing clients, we are pleased to help promote the Family Pathways 9th Annual Ki Chi Saga Days 15k/5k run happening on August 20th, 2011 in Chisago City, MN

The run/walk event benefits the Family Pathways Youth Service programsthat strive to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate, at-risk and special needs youth of the community.

While many participants come to race in the event and strive for a particular time or pace, other participants are simply devoted to helping Family Pathways in their mission and bettering themselves in the process.

One particular participant shares her story:

“Last year I walked the 5K portion of the race, coming in dead last.  But I really enjoyed the event, especially interacting with the volunteers at the water stations and the other “pokey” walkers.  Everyone who walks that slow is doing it because they believe in Family Pathways and want to support it – not because they’re athletes!   As I watched Family Pathways work to raise the money for the new Teen Center in Forest Lake, I realized I had a chance to help more.  I sent an e-mail to friends and family, asking them to pledge money for every pound I could lose before the 2011 5K/15K.  Here’s the e-mail”

“Dear Friends & Family —

 Seven years ago I trained for the Walkabout pedal boat cruise with my brother Paul to celebrate his 50th birthday.  In the process I managed to lose 75 pounds and was in the best shape of my life.  It felt great!  Now I’m older (55), fatter (231 pounds), and struggling to find the energy and commitment to start dieting and working out again.  I want to spend the summer focused on getting healthy.  Sadly, hauling around 90 extra pounds isn’t enough to motivate me.  I need more.  I need your help. To create a short term motivational goal, I’ve signed up for a 5K/15K race in August which is a fundraiser for the youth programs of Family Pathways.  My goal is to finish the 15K, however long it takes.  I’m hoping to get my friends and family to help me stay the course.  What is Family Pathways?  Family Pathways is a wonderful, grassroots, nonprofit organization that serves my home region in east central Minnesota.  Family Pathways’ programs include food shelves, teen centers, social respite sites for seniors with dementia … whatever the community needs.  Family Pathways is a great organization and you can be sure your (tax deductible!) gift will be well used.  If you want to learn more, go to familypathways.org. How can you help me get in shape?  Join my Fitness Support Team! 

As a Fitness Support Team member, you pledge to send me positive energy and to donate cash to Family Pathways for every pound I lose in the 20 weeks from April 2 to August 20, the day of the race.  How does that help me?  Three ways.  First, I start training knowing that every pound I lose benefits a great organization and that every pound I don’t lose is a missed opportunity.  Second, I know that I’ll be reporting my weight to my Fitness Support Team on August 20.  I’ve already embarrassed myself with my starting weight.  I certainly don’t want to report a number that starts with a 2 again!  And third, when I’m tempted to indulge in a piece of pecan cream pie or to stay in bed an extra hour instead of exercising, I’ll have all your voices in my head, encouraging me to get up and move! How much do you have to pledge?  Whatever you want.  I’m hoping to lose 40 pounds.  I lost over 50 pounds in 20 weeks when I trained for the Walkabout, but I was MUCH younger then.  If 10¢ per pound would fit in your budget, wonderful!  If I lose 50 pounds, you’ll send a check for $5 payable to Family Pathways!  That would be great!  If you’re more flush, pledge $100 a pound.  You’ll get to send a check for $5,000 and we’ll name a new bathroom for the Forest Lake Teen Center after you!  I’m guessing most of you will fall somewhere between those two pledge amounts.  Whatever works in your budget is cool. 

The money will be wonderful, but I’m more excited about having a gang behind me, encouraging me to get healthy.  I’d like a crowd like that Verizon guy on tv with hundreds of supporters.  Wouldn’t that be something?   I believe this combination of mission, pride, guilt, love and hope will be enough to get me off the sofa, past the kitchen, and into my walking shoes.  Even 50 pounds won’t get me back to the shape I was in for Walkabout, but it will be a very strong start.” 

~Mary Everett

family pathways mary everett

For more information about the 15k/5k event and to find out how you can support Family Pathways, visit www.familypathways.org