Getting the most out of your conference registration forms

September 12, 2011 - 3 minutes read

There are many different ways to collect corporate conference registrations online, take credit card payments and create name tags reports but what more can you take the opportunity to learn from your attendees during the registration process?  How can you fully utilize the time in which your attendee’s attention is focused on answering questions that help you answer…..

How well do you know who your attendees really are?conference registration form_Survey

Now first things first, we probably don’t want to go over-board and force attendees to spend 20 minutes answering things like “what’s your favorite food?” (unless maybe it’s a conference for restaurateurs).  You’ll want to think up relevant questions that could be critical information in designing your next conference.

What kinds of questions should I ask?

  • Are you a member of our group? organization? department?
    This question can be valuable if you are advertising your conference outside of our organization, company, etc.  See if your marketing efforts and conference content is or is not attracting your target market.
  • Type of company (public, private or non-profit)
    If you find that your conference attracts a lot of employees from a certain type of business, you may want to structure your content going to forward to either offer more or less content specifically for them.  If your conference covers a lot of high-dollar expansion ideas or marketing strategies but you seem to have a lot of non-profit attendees, something is out of line and future attendance will likely suffer.
  • How many of our events have you attended?
    If you offer many conferences throughout the year that cover different content, this is a great question to ask.  See how many people find your information useful enough to keep coming back for more.
  • Interested in learning about sponsoring a future event?
    If there are sponsorship opportunities for your events, this question is a must!  There will be attendees out there that might think “my company should sponsor something like this” but you might never connect with them.  So this will give you the opportunity to follow up with their company and contact them as a warm lead.

Surveying your attendees in this way is quick and easy.  Here at ZapEvent, our tools makes it simple to add survey questions to your online conference registration forms and easily to report on and evaluate your attendee responses.  Those responses can be valuable information in the growth of your conferences.

What have you found to be the most valuable questions to ask your attendees?