Monitor Conversations with Free Social Media Tracking Tools

March 15, 2012 - 2 minutes read

social_mediaYou might not think Facebook or Twitter are necessary for the marketing of your event online but whether you are actively engaged with those audiences or not, they ARE talking about your event and you want to be listening.  While it’s likely that most comments are positive, there will always be a few bad apples.  Finding ways to listen in on these conversations will help you improve your event in the long run and keep your participants happy.

So how is this done?  There are a number of free social media tracking tools you can use:

1.Google Alerts
You can setup Google Alerts to track certain keywords all across the Internet and deliver the results to you via email. Just enter the name of your event in the Search Query and you will see a preview of the results before you even create the alert.  You can choose to have results sent to you daily, weekly, as found and also filter the results by type – like blogs, videos, web, etc.

2. Social Mention
Social Mention is like Google Alerts, but for social media. In it’s most basic form, you put in your event name (or organization name) and the tool searches all social media outlets for anyone that has mentioned it.

3. Facebook Search
The Facebook Search box at the top of your profile isn’t just for finding friends.   Enter the name of your event in the search box and click on the search symbol to the right of the box.  This will bring you to a page where you can search all public items on Facebook by a number of different filters

4. Twitter Saved Searches
Twitter not only lets you create searches based on keywords or hashtags but you can save the search criteria so you an easily come back and check it on a regular basis.  The fun part to this search, you can even have it search only positive or negative feedback

What other free social media tracking tools have you used?