Simpify Your Participant Registration and Volunteer Sign-Up

September 11, 2012 - 3 minutes read

Online registration and reporting are often thought of as the more cumbersome tasks involved with putting on an event.  Now add to that the task of having to keep track of all of your volunteers and you could have yourself a real headache, right?

Let me simplify things for you.  Instead of thinking of participant registration and volunteer registration as two separate tasks, why not combine them into one?  If you think about it, the only real difference between registering a participant and registering a volunteer is that one is paying you money and the other is just data collection.

ZapEvent makes it easy to collect all the data through one registration site and then segment the data in the end.  You can create a custom report that will export only the participant data or only the volunteer data.  For larger organizations that use customer relationship management tools, you can easily import the contact information into your contact lists.  Or if you are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer,ZapEvent’s PowerPack makes it easy for you to build your events within CRM and have your participant and volunteer data automatically merge with any of your your mailing lists.

In the case of many athletic events, you need to have your volunteers also sign a liability waiver for their participation.  This will let you streamline that as well.  Both participants and volunteers will need to review and accept your custom liability waiver in order to complete their registration.

zapevent online registration sample

Other benefits?  Here’s an example of a way a recent organization utilized ZapEvent’s option to bundle your participant registration and volunteer sign up.   Recently we worked with an event that continually had problems recruiting volunteers.   Their great idea?  They setup a limited time promotion that when someone registers online to participate in their race and also signs up a volunteer, they got a custom race bag in addition to their race t-shirt!

And the best part is, $0 volunteer registrations are always free.  Use the ZapEvent online registration site to collect your volunteer information at no cost to you.

ZapEvent’s flexible online registration tools allows you to put your creative ideas to work.  Want to know if our system can handle your needs?  Let us setup a demo for you today!