New Feature Helps Race Directors Compare Year over Year Event Data

March 21, 2013 - 2 minutes read

A new feature has been released for event directors that will simplify some common questions for directors of yearly events:


The new ZapEvent Comparison Tool allows race directors to log in at any time and run a quick comparison of number of registrations between a past event and a current event.  Data can be displayed by past days, weeks or months.

What kinds of questions can this answer:

Are we ahead this year? Behind?

With it’s simple, clean view, the color code lines will show you which year has taken more registrations to date.  Hover over the data points on the lines to see the exact number.

Should I order the same amount of race shirts that I did last year?

The most popular race giveaway is a tshirt and tshirts often need to be purchased well in advance of your event date.  So it helps to know how many registrations you had at this time last year vs this year.  The Comparison Tool will help you determine this.

For example: If last year you had 400 registrations a month before the event and this year you have 500 registrations a month before the event, the safe bet would be to increase your order from last year by 20%.

We ran a new marketing campaign this year over the past month.  Did it help us increase our registrations over last year’s campaigns?

Maybe you noticed in the first few weeks of registration that you were trending lower than you were last year so you decided to pay for an advertisement on Facebook to run for 4 weeks.  Once the campaign is over, you can use the Comparison Tool to view the past 4 weeks.   You noticed that until 4 weeks ago, you were a little behind last year’s total number of registrations.  But two weeks into your campaign your numbers for this year shot up and surpassed last year.  It worked!!

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