Report Only Access Allows for Easier Registration Data Transfer to Race Timers

March 19, 2013 - 3 minutes read

5782-Stressed-Business-Woman-Carrying-And-Dropping-Documents-Clipart-IllustrationThe most stressful time for a race director can often be the day or two leading up to race day.   Snack bars, gu packs, water bottles and t-shirts needing to be gathered, volunteers to be trained and participant data that needs to be sorted, printed, and emailed in multiple directions.   Many of the best race directors in the business are great at delegating this work and utilizing all the tools that are made available to them by their online race registration provider.

One often tedious task can be compiling the online registration data in multiple ways and formats in the days leading up to the event.  With ZapEvent’s “Report Only” Access option, you can choose to allow other users  access to create custom report layouts and export them at anytime without allowing them full access to your registration account, needing to provide them your login information, (what may be the most important) requiring your time and assistance.

Once you have setup an account with ZapEvent, you can contact our Customer Support Team to authorize other people to access your account.  There are two different types of access levels:

  1. Full Admin Access – These users have full control to manage your Organization’s event registration setup, add/edit participant data, utilize the Marketing tools and print reports.
  2. Report Only Access – These users will not have any rights to edit your information.  They will only be able to login to your organization and create reports for your events.

The Report Only access is often granted for race timers.  Depending on their equipment, they will likely request your participant information to be delivered to them multiple times, in a specific format leading up to your event.  Report Only access gives them the option to download a basic registration report but also create and save custom layouts for your participant data so that each time they return to run a report, it will be setup in the same format they need without having to export and manually manipulate the columns and headings..

Report customization options include:

  1. Adding or removing specific columns of data
  2. Reordering the columns
  3. Renaming fields to create custom headers/labels (i.e. change “What is your t-shirt size” to “tshirt”)
  4. Filtering by Activity, Dates or Last Order Key*
*Filters are not saved as part of a custom report layout

Contact ZapEvent today to learn more about this and other available features for customizing your online registration

Are you a race timing company looking for a way to simplify the way you get online registration data from your clients?  Click here to learn more about how ZapEvent can simplify your relationship with multiple clients without added cost.