Common payment options from online registration providers

June 12, 2013 - 2 minutes read

show-me-the-money-jerry-m2Often the questions of “How do I get my registration money?” and “How quickly after they register do I get my money?” come up when event directors are surveying their options for an online event registration provider.

If you are going to feel comfortable about your online registration provider choice, be sure to get all the facts and be comfortable with their payment options and terms.

Here are the two most common payment options that registration companies have for getting your participant registration money paid to you:

Checks sent by mail
This is the typical default form of payment.  Your online registration provider will likely have a set schedule of how often they reconcile your account.  Some will cut checks only once a month, others are twice a month or even weekly.

Direct deposit to your checking or savings account
The faster, “greener” choice.  This usually offers a bit more flexibility and gets your money faster since there is no waiting for the check to make it’s way through the mail.

In the above two options, your online registration company is acting as the payment gateway and internet merchant account for your organization.  In many cases, this gets you a lower processing fee since they do extremely high volumes of credit card processing each day.  But another option that is not commonly requested but is available through ZapEvent is the option to link to your own merchant account so that registration payments are automatically paid directly to you after it is processed.


If you are interested in more information regarding ZapEvent’s options for connecting to your online registration account to your merchant account, please contact  Jeff Wedren at 612-548-5645 or