New feature simplifies entry of offline registration forms for your event

July 31, 2013 - 2 minutes read

While nearly all endurance events seem to be embracing the world of online event registration, with some events even forcing all registrations to be done online with a credit card order, there are still many events and situations in the world that call for good ol’ fashioned paper.  What we affectionately call the “offline registration forms.”

Dealing with paper forms is often a hassle.   Keeping track of the papers, the cash or check payments, illegible handwriting on 5782-Stressed-Business-Woman-Carrying-And-Dropping-Documents-Clipart-Illustrationthe forms, getting accurate information typed into the proper format needed to merge with your online registration data, and for most of you, getting this information into the format required by your timing company.  (Even just writing about it makes me feel a little like this lady —->)


So we have released a new, free to use feature for our customers that allows you to simply and quickly add all your paper registration data into your Admin site.  This allows you to have your online registration data and your offline registration data all in one place so you can easily create reports, check in lists and timer reports without having to merge spreadsheets.

If you are a current customer, you may be thinking, “You guys already had a way to enter offline registrations so what the heck are you blogging about now?”

Well we’ve made our tool faster and easier to use.   You no longer require a separate participant login and don’t have to deal with “required” fields that you may not have included on your paper forms.

And all of this is free for you to use with a free account with ZapEvent*  

Learn more by visiting our ZapEvent FAQ page on how to enter offline registration data.


*ZapEvent is free for you to use if you choose the default option to pass the processing fees on to your participants.  Our fees are some of the lowest in the business.   You can choose to pay the fees for your participants or split the fees.  Click here to learn more about ZapEvent’s pricing model.