Job Opening at ZapEvent – Sales Support Specialist

September 17, 2013 - 2 minutes read

hiring-manBasic Function:
The Sales Support Specialist’s primary focus will be to research, track and contact new and existing leads for ZapEvent.  This person will be responsible for triage of all leads to the sales staff or, when appropriate, handle the sales process until the lead becomes an account.   Potential for this person to also become involved in marketing tasks that may include creating blog content and social media postings.

The duties include, but are not limited to:

– Researching and maintaining lead information to CRM database
– Contacting all new leads to qualify/disqualify as a potential account
– Answering phones and handling all initial sales inquiries
– Building out demos of event registrations in ZapEvent’s Admin site

Required Skills:

– Comfortable with making cold and warm lead phone calls
– Proficiency in basic computer skills and Microsoft Office software
– Basic understanding of keyword searches and SEO

Recommended Skills:

– Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
– Knowledge of the endurance sports environment (running, multisport, cycling, etc) and other online registration platforms  

To inquire about the job, please contact: 
Jeff Wedren – 612-548-5645 –


About ZapEvent:  ZapEvent provides a reliable, safe, and flexible set of online registration tools that create a more pleasant and easy-to-use process for both event directors and their customers. Hundreds of organizations rely on ZapEvent’s online event registration management services to oversee the data and transactions for their event registrations, donations, membership dues, and conference fees. Most of ZapEvent’s clients are in the racing/endurance sports industry, but we also work with organizations for online registration of conferences, club memberships, tradeshows and camps.