Capture race day onsite registrations faster and more accurately with ZapEvent’s new EventDay Registration tool

May 22, 2014 - 1 minute read

Beta Release

Race day registration to a race director often means headaches and handfuls of illegible paperwork that needs to not only be documented for check-in, but also transferred accurately to the race timer before the sound of the gun.

badhandwriting  5782-Stressed-Business-Woman-Carrying-And-Dropping-Documents-Clipart-Illustration

Simplify your life by taking onsite registrations with ZapEvent’s new tool: EventDay Registration

Many of ZapEvent’s employees are not only full-time workers but they are also part-time race directors and have helped to develop out our EventDay registration process to help you:

  • Increase your capacity for taking race day registrations without having to add more staff/volunteers
  • Quickly check-in pre-registered athletes and assign bib numbers.
  • Eliminate trying to decipher bad handwriting and missed information on paper forms
  • Easily process credit card payments
  • Quickly and accurately get all race day registrations to your race timer

If you are a current ZapEvent user, you can find the tools on the Marketing page for your event and check out the ZapEvent FAQ for instructions.