ZapEvent Releases New EventDay Registration Tools

June 20, 2014 - 3 minutes read

ZapEvent Releases New EventDay Registration Tools

ZapEvent’s new registration tools allow race directors to take online registrations quickly and efficiently onsite at their event.

Minneapolis, MN –  ZapEvent Online Event Registration is pleased to announce the release of their new EventDay registration tool. EventDay allows event/race directors to take cash/check or credit card payments onsite at their event using a streamlined process. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to get a participant registered and/or checked in for the event. Participants also have the option to register using their smartphone which further increases the efficiency of event day registration activities.

“Efficiently capturing the registration information and dollars for event attendees that show up the day of an event has always posed a problem,” says Jeff Wedren, managing partner at ZapEvent. “EventDay by ZapEvent solves those issues and does it in a way that doesn’t require anything but a web browser. We didn’t want to lock our customers into any operating system or hardware technology that many of our competitors require.”

With the release of these new tools, Event Directors can setup laptops, tablets, or iPads that have a reliable internet connection to create multiple registration kiosks for participants. This increases the amount of registrations that can be taken simultaneously without the need for additional event staff or vendor specific kiosk hardware. The process also helps make an event “greener” as there is no more need for paper forms and for event staff to interpret handwriting and improperly filled out forms. EventDay registration data is instantly stored in the same reports as pre-registered data and, if applicable, race timers can pull registration data either through a custom report, API, or RunScore software connection.

About ZapEvent:

ZapEvent provides a reliable, safe, and flexible set of online registration tools that create a more pleasant and easy-to-use process for both event directors and their customers. Hundreds of organizations rely on ZapEvent’s online event registration management services to oversee the data and transactions for their event registrations, donations, membership dues, and conference fees.

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Capture race day onsite registrations faster and more accurately with ZapEvent’s new EventDay Registration tool