How Tiered Pricing Benefits You

August 25, 2014 - 5 minutes read

Have you heard the term Early Bird Special or maybe Save Now on Event Day Registration? Ever wondered why event coordinators would want to offer different price points for an event? Events that offer special pricing for individuals that register by a certain date, or who are under/over a certain age are using Tiered Pricing.  Tiered Pricing is a promotional tool that event coordinators use to entice participants to register for their event. Tiered pricing doesn’t just have to benefit participates, it can benefit you too! Here are just a few reasons why you should be offering tiered pricing for your next event.

Saves You Time, and a Headache or Two  

Male Paperwork

You are busy enough mapping the course, marketing your event, and managing your vendors there is hardly anytime left in the day to manually enter the potentially hundreds of paper registrations.

  • Offer participates a discounted price just for registering for your event online.  How can you make it stop?
  • Online registration will save you time and the headache of keeping track of hundreds of paper forms.
  • Allows you to access your data instantly.
  • Attracts participates to your race’s website where they could find information on another event they may want to take part in!

Female NetworkAttracts a Larger Audience

Events aren’t always cheap. You may have individuals interested in your event that are turned off by the cost. How are you going to get them to choose your event?

  • Offering a cheaper price for early registers will allow those who might not be able to afford a higher price point a chance to participate in your event
  • Broadens the audience of your event.
  • Select a separate price point based on age to encourage participates to register their entire family for an event.

Early Registrations, Means Money Upfront

Putting on an event costs money, wouldn’t it be nice to start receiving your money right away?


  • Give your participants an Incentive to register for your event early.
  •  The sooner participates register and pay, the sooner you get paid.
  • Be able to project event numbers early in order to better plan for your event.

How do I setup Tiered Pricing?

Now you know the benefits of Tier Pricing, you need to know how to include different price points while creating your event. ZapEvent makes it simple to add tiered pricing to each activity of your event by participant’s age, date, or both. Follow the steps below to see how easy ZapEvent makes adding tiered pricing to your event.

Alright, to start Log in to your ZapEvent account at Don’t have one? Sign up for an account now, it’s free!

Step 1.  On your events basic information-step 1 page click the edit icon next to the activity you wish to adjust the pricing on. Don’t have any activities yet? Click the  +Add Activity button to add your first activity.

Set 1 image

Step 2. Click  +Add Price. Your first price line will appear.

Step 3. In the box under Last Date, enter the last possible date an individual can register and still receive that particular price.

Step 4. If you want to offer a discounted price for anyone under a certain age enter the oldest age an individual can be to receive that pricing in the Age Box. If everyone gets the same price simply leave the age at 999.

Step 5. Type your price description under the Description Box.

Step 6.  In the Price Box type how much you would like to charge for that activity.


Want to add more pricing for this activity? Click +Add Price again and a new pricing line will appear. 

Here is an example of an event that offers altered pricing based on the date of registration and the participator’s age.

tiered pricing

Now you try it! If you have more question visit our FAQ page or contact support at

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