Can You Survive the Zombie’s Bite 5K Run?

September 25, 2014 - 1 minute read

Zombie RunThe zombie apocalypse is coming to Spicer, Minnesota October 25th are you prepared for the run of your life?

Survive if you can, as you run through a zombie infested 5K course that tests your stamina, strength, and bravery as you make your way through a 5K trail run and obstacle course.

The Zombie’s Bite 5K Run is in its third year and with new obstacles and challenges each year those who survived in the past may not be has lucky this time around. Each participate will receive a Zombie’s Bite 5K Run performance T-Shirt and a medal based on if you survived or were bitten by the hordes of zombies.

Zombie RunAre you more intrigued in being a brain hungry zombie spreading the infectiousness than running from it? Volunteer to find, chase, and scare runners as they make their way through the scariest obstacle of their life. The more creative the zombie costume the better! 

This race has something for everyone scare or be scared and register now for Zombie’s Bite 5K Run and be prepare to run for your life!