Assigning Bib Numbers Just Got Even Easier!

October 28, 2014 - 3 minutes read

ZapEvent is excited to announce that assigning bib numbers for participants just got a little easier! With ZapEvent you now have the option to change or assign bib numbers for individual registrations before you export your data. Next time you need to make a last minute change or provide a specific bib number for a participate you have multiple options on how to assign, edit, or change a participant’s bib number. You can manually enter a bib number using ZapEvent’s Offline Registrations Tool, EventDay tool, or by navigating to the Change Activity/Bib tab in an individual order detail pick the tool that works the best for you!

Assigning Bib Numbers: Automatically Assign bib numbers for specific activities or an entire event. Select which activity you want to assign bib numbers for, if you want to sort by registration date or last name, and what number you want to start at. Simple as that

Tip:  Assign bib numbers for each activity and select a different start number for each activity. Example: If you have an event that has a 5k activity, 10k activity, and half marathon. Those who registered for the 5K have bib numbers 1-244, 10K participates are assigned bib numbers 300-445 and half marathon participants are assigned bib numbers 500-585. Assigning different number ranges for each activity will make it easier to identify what activity each racer is participating in the day of the event.  







Offline Registration Tool: The Offline Registration Tools allows you to have your online registration data and your offline registration data all in one place so you can easily create reports, check in lists and timer reports without having to merge spreadsheets. Manually enter a bib number for each participant as you fill out the Offline Registration Entry Form.







EventDay Tool: The EventDay registration tool simplifies onsite registrations the day of your event, with EventDay you can individually assign bib numbers to registered participants as they are being checked in. The Bib Number will be displayed in the “Bib Number” column of your registration reports.

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