Free Webinar: Is The Cotton T-Shirt Dead?

October 10, 2014 - 3 minutes read

Like most of you, I participated in multiple races this past summer. I arrived at packet pickup  received my bib number, tracking chip and a yet another cotton Race T-shirt. That shirt is sitting in the bottom drawer of my dresser and has never been worn. This led me to wonder: Is the Cotton T-Shirt Dead?

Event Day Items

Finishers of the Sinister 7 100-mile race receive a customized bottle of cab-merlot, complete with name, bib number and finishing time. Runners of the Tiffany Half Marathon in San Francisco leave the race with a little blue box with a shinning Tiffany & Co necklace inside. Although these are extreme examples and most race committees don’t have the funds to give everyone a Tiffany necklace; they make their events stand out. What can your event give away that will make it stand out even after your event is over? A less extreme example: In Minneapolis those who register for the Team Ortho Get Lucky Run receive a free sweatshirt with every registration. On any given day I bet if you walked the streets in the Twin Cities you will see at least one person sporting a Get Lucky Hoodie. Participants are willing to spend a little more to receive a superior momentum to take away with. Still think your plain cotton T-shirt will make your event stand out? You are giving participants these giveaway items to advertise your event, why not make it an item they will actually wear or use in public.

Struggling to find a good idea? Let ZapEvent help! ZapEvent is hosting a 45 minute FREE Webinar (yes, you read that right FREE) on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 starting at 2:00pm with presenter Dan Hubbard from On the Run Promotions. Learn from the expert on how to attract more participants and get them talking about your event with creative event day “swag” options without going over budget.

This webinar will cover topics including but not limited to:

• Participant Expectations
• Race Day Check List
• Race Day Give A Ways
• Awards and Prizes
• When is the best time to order items
• Cash prizes vs. keepsake
• Equipment rentals

There will also be a Q&A where you can ask the expert, Dan Hubbard, all of your event day “swag” questions!

Reserve your spot today for this FREE webinar and learn fun new ways to shake up your event.

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