ZapEvent Best Practices Webinar Series

November 18, 2014 - 2 minutes read

We are excited to announce our first ever webinar series: ZapEvent Best Practices. Join us the first Wednesday of each month to learn tips and tricks for using ZapEvent.

The ZapEvent team knows that opening your event’s online registration can be overwhelming, let ZapEvent help take the stress out of it by showing you the best practices for creating, opening, and maintaining your event on


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Each webinar will include a 45 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for Q & A.

Webinar Topics:
The Admin 102 webinar will go over:

Creating your FREE Account on
Setting up your eventPreview your event
Step 1- Basic Info
Step 2- Questions
Step 3- Behind the Scenes
Step 4- Finalize
Demo/Test Registrations
Copying your event over from year to year.
Mastering the Marketing Tools will go over:

Adding HTML Button to your website
Creating Custom Event Links
Publishing your event on Facebook
Promo and Discount Codes
Offline Registrations
Assigning Bib Numbers
EventDay Registration Tools will go over:

What is EventDay?
Activating EventDay
Configuring Questions
Benefits of Using EventDay
Checking In Participants
Assigning Bib Numbers
Creating Reports will go over:

Running Registration Reports
Running Financial Reports
Customizing your Reports
How to filter your data
Reordering your report columns



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