6 Tips for Beginner Runners

February 9, 2015 - 4 minutes read

So you have the motivation to get up and start running. That is AWESOME! Just like most things in life, if you aren’t prepared for your run or workout you may be setting yourself up for failure. Make sure you have all the tools you need to transform yourself into the best runner you can be.

Here are some tips to consider before you lace up the old sneakers and get out there.

Get Pumped! Create a playlist filled with all your favorite upbeat tunes. The music will not only motivate you but help keep you on pace. Download the free Spotify app to create and share playlists with others and find new songs to inspire you to move.

Boredom can be one of your biggest obstacles when you first start running.  A good thing to remember is you don’t always need to keep a constant pace while out for a run. Mix it Up!  Sprint every other block, jog around curves in the street, or skip every 30 seconds. Get creative and make it fun . Making your routine fun will keep you from getting bored and will increase your chances of making it a habit that you look forward to.

Don’t let your clothing be a distraction. If you are like me you will look for any excuse to stop your run and turn back home. Don’t let the wrong shoes or shorts turn a 30min run into a 5min walk. Wear something you are comfortable in. If running outside, check the weather and make sure you are dressed for the conditions. Purchase an armband to keep your iPod, ID, and keys secure during your run. Personally, we recommend the FlipBelt to store all our belongings on a long run.

Change your locations.  Circling around the same neighbor gets old. Explore new trails and paths in surrounding cities to keep with the same old view. Plus you may discover a few hidden gems you didn’t know existed.

It is hard to get into a routine of  doing something you aren’t used to. This may lead to many of forgotten workouts. It is important to make yourself accountable for each run or work. This can be easily done by finding a friend to run with or signing up for a race to motivate you to create and stick to a training schedule. Looking for a great beginner race? Check out this list of upcoming 5K races and register for your favorite today.

Keep Going! Your first few runs may be a struggle, and that is okay. Don’t give up just because your first run was hard or awkward. All great runners had to start at the beginning too. It is okay if you only run for 1 mile or need to stop and walk. It’s okay to start small just don’t give up, instead allow your body to work its way up to greatness. I promise you won’t regret it!

Have a good tip for beginner runners? Leave a comment below and share what has worked for you.


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