Marketing Your Event With Promo Codes

August 12, 2015 - 3 minutes read

Promotional codes can play a crucial role in your organization’s marketing strategy. Promo or coupon codes are used as a marketing tool to gain exposure and increase registration numbers. Promo codes can also be used to track and measure your organization’s ROI (Return on Investment) and marketing efforts. **

Where to share your promo codes:
The great thing about promo codes is they can be shared anywhere! Post your promo codes on social media, community flyers, on your website or in an email message to past participants. Post promo codes on social media outlets as an incentive for new participants to register for your event and email your participants from previous years to let them know you are open for registration. Include a promo code as a thank you for their past support.

Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate promo codes into your event messaging:

Email Message Example:
Registration is now open for the 2016 ZapEvent Triathlon! We would love to see you again at this year’s event. As a thank you for your continued support use promo code THANKYOU and receive $10.00 off your registration at check out.
Register Now:

Twitter Example:


Facebook Example:


Tracking your promo codes:
You can easily track your marketing efforts by creating different promo codes for each outlet used to advertise your event. Whether you share your promo codes at expos, on social media, in community posts and flyers or all of the above, creating unique codes will show you what outlets are getting the highest ROI and where you should continue to focus your marketing efforts.

As an example we created 5 promo codes  and posted them on 5 separate outlets. In the registration report to the right you will see the promo codes we posted on Twitter and included in the email blast attracted the most registrations. Facebook and the community flyer attracted the least. These results show us that in the future we should focus our marketing efforts on Twitter and Email Blasts to get the best ROI.



For instructions on how to create a promo codes in the ZapEvent admin system, see our FAQ: How do I use promo codes and discount codes?


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