Is Your Event Ready for 2016?

Don’t forget that you can quickly and easily copy your event setup year after year using the “COPY” feature in the ZapEvent admin system. Copying the setup from a previous event will save you a lot of time and ensure you don’t associate your past participants with your 2016 event. To simplify the process even more we created a guide to navigate you through the entire process.
The Copy Your Event for 2016 with ZapEvent Online Registration Guide breaks the process of copying your event over into three simple stages. Stage 1: Preparation, Stage 2: Copying Your Event and Stage 3: Promoting Your Event. Use the checklists provided in each stage to make sure you don’t forget any step when preparing for your next event,

Download the Copy Your Event for 2016 guide now and get your next event open for online registration today!

Check out the ZapEvent Help/FAQ page for additional information and step by step instructions on how to copy your event setup in the ZapEvent admin system.

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