EventDay Registration Webinar

Check In Participants, Assign Bib Numbers, and Keep Lines Short the day of your next event with the EventDay tool in ZapEvent. Download the webinar to learn how to take the headache out of event day registrations.

The EventDay Registration Webinar Will Cover:

  • >   What is EventDay?
  • >   Activating EventDay
  • >   Configuring Questions
  • >   Benefits of Using EventDay
  • >   Checking In Participants
  • >   Assigning Bib Numbers

The ZapEvent team knows that opening your event’s online registration can be overwhelming, let us help take the stress out of it by showing you the best practices for creating, opening, and maintaining your event on ZapEvent.com.


EventDay Presenter- Mark BontragerMARK BONTRAGER
Customer Support Guru
ZapEvent Online Registration
EventDay Presenter- Whitney KirchnerWHITNEY KIRCHNER
Marketing & Support
ZapEvent Online Registration

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