Mastering the Marketing Tools

The¬ ZapEvent¬†team knows that opening your event’s¬†online registration can be overwhelming, let ZapEvent help take the stress out of it by showing you the best practices for creating,¬†opening, and maintaining¬†your event on¬¬†In the Mastering the Marketing Tools webinar you will ¬†learn how to successfully use the marketing tools offered FREE with ZapEvent Online Registration and discover why these tools can be helpful to you.

Webinar Contents will include:

  • Adding HTML Button to your website
  • Creating Custom Event Links
  • Connecting with your Participants
  • Promo and Discount Codes
  • Offline Registrations
  • Assigning Bib Numbers


ZapEvent - Mark BontragerMARK BONTRAGER
Customer Support Guru
ZapEvent Online Registration
ZapEvent - Whitney KirchnerWHITNEY KIRCHNER
Marketing & Support
ZapEvent Online Registration

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