RunScore, created and distributed by RunTime Software, is the world’s most popular race-scoring software, used to score and time road races, triathlons, and cross-country races. In addition to providing support to its many customers, RunTime Software interacts with manufacturers and distributors of all the major timing equipment available to support these devices. The company has been involved in computer scoring of running races since 1971.

ZapEvent Integrates with RunScore:

Create Your RunScore Account

Get started by purchasing and downloading your RunScore license on

Connect Your Accounts

When you do your first download, you will be asked to provide the mapping from each ZapEvent field to a RunScore field. After that, there is no further interaction for each download. You can do full downloads or incremental downloads. An incremental download brings down any new registrations since the last download.

That's it!

Race Timers can now connect directly to ZapEvent registration and participant data from the RunScore interface.