ZapEvent Integrates with USA Triathlon

ZapEvent has streamlined the online event registration process by offering USA Triathlon membership verification in real time. This allows athletes who are registering for sanctioned events to easily purchase a USA Triathlon annual membership or one-day license, eliminating the need to carry cash or a USA Triathlon membership card to pre-race packet pick-up.

The Integration is Simple to Setup

Sanction Your Event with USA Triathlon

The sanction process is entirely web-based, hosted and handled by the USAT website. The sanctioning process will walk you, the event director, through the design of a safety plan specific to your event. Race directors are given step-by-step instructions for the current sanction system as well as some helpful reminders for the sanctioning process.

Link to Your Event

Link your USA Triathlon sanctioned event to your online registrations on You can link your event sanctioning to your ZapEvent registration on the Step- 1 Basic Information page during your event setup.

Open Online Registration

That’s it! Participants will be required to either fill out existing membership information or purchase a one-day license or annual membership through the USA Triathlon portal on the registration page. Participants must complete all USA Triathlon requirements  before successfully registering for your event.