Please join us on February 24, 2018 for the "Last Chance" Ice Fishing Contest to support the Kiwanis Club of Cloquet. All proceeds are donated back to the children in our community. Prizes awarded to 1st through 30th place! More information on prizes coming soon!

Contest Rules: 
For your entry donation you are allowed to use only one line in any hole per ticket purchased. (You may move at any time.) 
1. Everyone must register at the Kiwanis Registration tent located on the ice on Fish Lake.
2. Each person can purchase up to two tickets.
3. You can register all of the legal fish you catch (i.e. pan fish, rough fish, northern, sunny, walleye). However, only the largest fish per ticket can win a prize.
4. You will be disqualified if you are caught smuggling fish into the event. (All fish must be alive. All fish must be released.) 
5. You will be disqualified if you are caught fishing before the 12:00pm start time.
6. Electronics are permissible with the exception of underwater cameras. Ice houses and portable houses are NOT allowed. You can build a windbreaker.
7. There is no glass allowed on the ice.
8. All tickets must be permanently attached to your clothing during the contest.
9. Coolers may be inspected.
10. Fishing starts at 12:00pm and goes to 3:00pm. You may come early to pick a hole and drop equipment off. Again, no fishing until 12:00pm.
11. Contestants must fish in the area designated for the contest and will be required to have their ticket visible at all times. 
12. You must be in possession of a valid Minnesota fishing license and obey the laws as set forth by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.