The Trek Certified Service Repair Technician course is designed to develop existing service mechanics into production-level technicians that excel at day-to-day abilities and high levels of work load. The Repair Technician is typically responsible for the majority of work orders in a given day, so their importance and success are crucial to customer satisfaction and the sotre's profitability. The focus in training will be on improving efficiencies, critical thinking, situational diagnoses, problem solving, and the importance of professionalism. The result of the course will gain a technicians competency, capability and team member skills that can grow with your business into the next level.


The training tools and expertise are tailored towards the products and equipment from Trek and Bontrager, the direct skills and proficiencies learned will translate to every work order - thus amplifying productivity and output.


This course is designed for proficient technicians with 1-3+ years of experience in a service department. Successful completion of Trek Certified Assembly Technician course or similar formal training is recommended. All courses and training will be hosted at our TCS training and development facility at Trek Bicycle's global headquarters in Waterloo, WI.


Subject material covered:

Materials of frame and compentry

Understanding torque values and their importance

Use of solvents and cleaners

Use of lubricants thread lockers

Importance and techniques of regular bike washing

Tool use and preventative maintenance

Spoke replacement on aluminum wheels

Tubeless Ready system installation, set-up and maintenance

Diagnose, overhaul and replacement of bearings in headsets, bottom brackets and hubs

Complete bike overhaul procedures

Hydraulic disc brake bleed and tuning

Drivetrain overhaul and tuning

Troubleshooting of creaks, issues or complaints

Maintining fit dimensions and preferences during servicing

Component and system compatibilities

Utilization of Maintenance and Care schedule

Manufacturer product navigation skills

Products will be utilized in training:

Trek Remedy

Trek Domane

Bontrager Line wheels

Bontrager Paradigm wheels

Bontrager Rapid Drive hub system

Sram hydraulic disc brake

Shimano R-6000 components

Shimano M-8000 components