Trek Certified Service Operations Manager curriculum focuses on how you earn and establish yourself as a leader of providing quality services in the eyes of your customers. Our main objective for excellence in service operations is to do more than define standards, we want to ensure that help is given for creating an understanding of those standards and support you in implementing those in your service operations. Key objectives are to provide a guideline to assist you in improving profitability with identifying and acknowledging outstanding service performance. An underlying goal is to create a service operation that empowers all people in the company to use their collective talents and expertise to make the business more successful.


Operations manager practices should focus on the production of goods and/or services in an organization; its importance to the overall organization cannot be underestimated. When an organization's operations are properly managed, the functions of all other departments are smooth. Operations manager involves "overseeing, designing, controlling the process of employee production and redesigning business operations in the delivery of goods and services."


We will pool all Trek Bicycle resources to offer key deliverables on how to develop efficient service throughput, train employees, retain employees and escalate revenues of you service department.


We want to ensure your service department runs like a well-oiled machine and we are here to help you achieve that goal!


This course is designed for General Managers and Service Department Managers that are looking to capitalize in every division of their business and also develop career opportunities for employees within the companies business. All courses and training will be hosted at our Trek Certified Service facility at Trek Bicycle's global headquarters in Waterloo, WI.


Subject Material Covered:

Service business planning and goal setting

Best practices for sales process integration

Establish dedicated roles and responsibilities

Establish job descriptions for new hires

Create daily and regular task to-do lists

Establish operational processes and procedures

Hiring and dismissal of staff

Human resource development

Setting and communicating consumer expectations

Service P&L management

Technician scheduling

Work order scheduling

Inventory review and management

Service policies and pricing