The Trek Certified Service Advisor curriculum focuses on one of the most underrated, yet potentially the highest revenue achieving, positions in your service business. While formerly known as the "service writer", this individual will be shaped into a dedicated role of advising your customers on the best services, parts, and upgrades to create maximum satisfaction for their investment and the best experience from your store.


The importance of this role cannot be overstated. A Trek Certified Service Advisor will be the main point of contact and the face of your service business. They will become the experts of best-in-class service, retaining customer loyalty, developing new and existing customer relationships, and making your service business a competitive advantage in your market.


This course is designed for personable technicians with 3+ years of experience in a high-volume service department. Successful completion of Trek Certified Repair Technician course, or similar formal training is recommended. All courses and training will be hosted at our TCS training and development facility at Trek Bicycle's global headquarters in Waterloo, WI.


Subject material covered:

Customer greeting

Customer relationship management

Comprehensive bike check-in / review

Work order entry and updating

Bike organization and scheduling

P&A adjacency planning and organization

Service part sales review by product line

Aftermarket P&A add-on sales by product category

Ascend service reporting and analytics review

Customer follow-up and service initiation methods involving:



Maintenance intervals