Volunteer in support of children and families experiencing homelessness.

Gatsby Gala "Celebrating The Roaring 20's" At People Serving People's 20th Gala

Saturday, April 13th, 2019 at the Hilton Minneapolis

Must be at least 18 years old to volunteer. Training time is included in volunteer shift.


Greeters: greet guests and direct them to registration

Registration: greet guests, find and explain registration packet, scan their credit card, collect contact information, direct them into the event (minimal technical experience is required)

Mobile Bidding Sign-up: help guests enter mobile phone into the system and provide guests with signup instructions for mobile bidding. (minimum technical experience required)

Game Host: assist bidders with rules of the game and recording game transactions on tablet. (minimum technical experience required)

Silent Auction Assistant/Floater: assist bidders with bid process on bidsheet tablets and kiosks, convey any technical issues, assist guests with smartphone bidding registration (minimum technical experience required)

Spotters: act as visual liaison between bidders and live auctioneer

Recorders: verify winning bid amounts, record winning bid numbers and collect signatures

Purchase Notification Delivery: organize receipts into envelopes, hand deliver them to guests at dinner tables

Merchandise Packers and Check-out Assistants: pack up each guest's winning items, collect a signed receipt, deliver winning items to guests (minimum technical experience required)

Move Out: pack-up any items that need to return to PSP