Scrapbook fundraiser has limited capacity of 130 people.

Event registration will include coffee, milk, water, juice, snacks, a lasagna & salad lunch, and ticket to the Benefit Dinner at the Arlington Community Center.

Rectangular tables will be provided for scrapping.

Agenda and details about locations will be released at 10pm 1/17/2013.

Scrappers will be divided into groups and located at up to 3 locations within the town of Arlington. Your location will be sent to you in a confirmation email on Thursday, Jan 17th at 10 pm. If you are scrapping with a group, please include your group name so that we can keeps friends at the same location.  Assigned seating will not be provided

This is a kid-free-zone. Please, no minors under the age of 12. All attendees must reserve a spot in advance.

Due to the nature of this event, if you are unable to attend the day of the event, substitutions are welcome, but cancellations cannot be accommodated.

Thank you for your charitable contribution! You are making a difference.

Click HERE for more info about Barb and the benefit