(1) Louxuan Qigong - for Health and Martial Arts Benefits - MARCH 5 only (7:30 - 9:30 pm)  

Unique to the Jiulong Baguazhang system is a method that generates vitality and whole-body power. With this potent exercise known as "Spiraling Energy Skill," or Louxuan Qigong, we develop core strength and connection between the legs, torso and arms.

Louxuan Qigong is simple to learn, involving specialized standing, square-stepping patterns and twisting yoga-like exercises. It can release tension in major joints, benefit your internal organs, improving digestion and internal circulation of blood and qi. Louxuan Qigong can also vitalize the immune system as it simultaneously strengthens the fascial covering of the torso to enhance protection from strikes and blows received during an attack.

These simple exercises go deep into the body producing complex results in health, internal and external strength as well as enhancing longevity.

Come learn this fascinating and powerful energy-development exercise taught by Dr. John P. Painter PhD ND, Chief Instructor of the Li Family Daoqiquan Arts of Tibet and China.

(2) Tibetan Blue Heron Style Martial Arts - March 6 & 7 (Starting 9 am sharp) **INCLUDES March 5 LouXuan Qigong FREE!
"An intro to this rare Tibetan art with Dr. John Painter"

Tibetan Blue Heron martial arts was brought over to the Li family of Emei Mountain from Tibet by Lama Zurdwang Rinpoche. It is a very rare "internal arts" style, with some similarities to xingyiquan (hsing-i chuan). But if this is all new to you, don't worry! You are about to discover amazing ways of using your body and energy that you never knew about before.

In fact, though this martial arts style is very powerful, it can be done by even the smallest, thinnest person with incredible effectiveness. Men: you will waste no energy and feel no fatigue when mastering these "sneaky" combat skills, and Women: you will feel empowered that you can do self-defense that's both easy and effective.

The techniques, movements, strikes and blocks of this style of martial art appear soft and gentle, but are in effect surgically precise and devastatingly effective. That's why the techniques of this style were highly guarded and passed down to very few!

We will sample a variety of Tibetan Blue Heron techniques, including: Wing blocks; Absorption blocks; Lightning Hand skills; Heron Striking methods; kicking techniques; and strategic stepping patterns. You'll also learn about "stealing" energy from your opponent.

Come join us and explore the possibilities. This workshop is all new material and no previous experience is required.

  Beginners through advanced students can all learn from this one-of-a-kind system.

...And if you happen to practice a martial art, this system will open your eyes to things you've never seen before. You can take its principles and put it into YOUR OWN practice, regardless of what you study!

BUT - Please be sure to register now to guarantee your space. We can only accommodate a total of 45 people MAXIMUM. If you wait and we max out, you'll be turned down.

March 6 Saturday: 9 am - noon, then 1:30 - 5:30 pm
March 7 Saturday: 9 am - 12:30/1:00 pm

What to Wear- Indoor ONLY shoes, please!

Internal Gardens is a formal school of taijiquan (tai chi chuan). As such, please feel free to wear **INDOOR-ONLY** shoes, slippers or bare feet. Kindly remove your outdoor/street shoes upon entering the practice area. Wear comfortable clothes that let you move easily. You are welcome to wear any martial arts uniforms that you have - we honor and welcome practitioners of all styles of martial arts, yoga, etc., at Internal Gardens.


Anyone that registers for the Tibetan Blue Heron Martial Arts workshop (March 6th - 7th) gets FREE attendance to the "LouXuan" Spiraling Qigong, March 5.

Early Bird Discounts for both events EXPIRE February 28, 2010 so register now!