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You can choose to run as a team of up to 16, a family, or individually. There are 3K and 5K distances as well as a kids race, an elite race with prize money ($150 for winners), a family race, and several other team races. Prices increase as we get closer to race day, and we always sell out! The Mankato Mud Run is not only tough and challenging at the 5K distance, it is the only family friendly mud run in the area that we know of!
We will have at least 2 mud pits, a creek run under the road, two challenging hills, climbing walls, climbing nets, cars to run over, and many other obstacles! The challenging 5k course with 2 large hills is tough even for marathoners. The more friendly 3k course (1.6 miles with only 1 hill) is great for kids and families. Racing is encourage, but walking is also permitted. Don't forget about the costume contest with trophies for prizes!
Kids Races: The kids race is 3k in distance. Parents are allowed to go free with their children as chaperones if they prefer. Although, parents who are chaperones don't get t-shirts, medals or goodie bags. The kids race is first, so parents can go with their children and then race in the adult races later on. Kids can go in the 3k open, 5k open or one of the team races.
Team and Company Races: There are team and company races at 3k and 5k distances, with awards at the 5k distance. Teams may consist of up to 16 members. The top 3 team finishers in the 5K team race will count for the team time, and must come in together.
What if I can't do an obstacle?  Don't worry! If you can't do an obstacle, you will be allowed to do 10 pushups instead. Many folks have a fear of the tunnels, and can't do them. No problem!
Parking: Parking costs $5.00 and all proceeds go to charity. Parking on the hill is limited so please carpool! 
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